While you work on your resources management efficiency, we bring you the best technological and financial solutions for your business growth. We work in your time so you can make quick decisions following the clarity and dynamism the market demands.

Solutions for this segment

Credit & Financing

Fibra has a complete range of credit products with exclusive rates and distinguished conditions to expand your company’s business. We provide products that take into account your company’s needs and fit your business.

Supply Chain Finance

Alternative for your suppliers and for your working capital and term extension needs.

Cash Management

In a simple and easy way, you join our services and you can issue your slips, pay your suppliers and manage your checking account through Internet Banking.

Capital Markets

We offer our clients advisory services in raising funds from investors in the market. With a team focused exclusively on this service, we advise our clients throughout the process.


FX Transactions & Derivatives/Hedge

We offer derivative operations that can reduce the risks of companies that are exposed to price, index and rate variations in their financial operations. We offer a diversified product portfolio for your business. We can also provide a foreign exchange service to help you trade competitively.

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