Professional ethics, responsibility and social and environmental commitment conduct the activities of Banco Fibra.


Professional ethics, responsibility and social and environmental
commitment conduct the activities of Banco Fibra.


Professional ethics, responsibility and social and environmental commitment conduct the activities of Banco Fibra.

With the purpose of contributing to the improvement of society, we periodically update our practices and methods, aiming to promote sustainable actions aligned with the development of our business.

Sustainability is our responsibility

We promote sustainability through 4 pillars:

social responsibility
into the organizational
culture of Banco Fibra’s activities

Seek actions that
allow a productive and
collaborative working

Encourage awareness
about the importance
of each person’s role
in society

Add values to the
interest groups
engaged with
Banco Fibra

Sustainability Report

For the fourth year running, we are publishing our Sustainability Report to stakeholders and society in general. Supported by our commitment to transparency, the Report aims to disclose the main highlights of our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) activities in 2022, guided by the responsible and secure growth of our client portfolio, as well as our CDEE (Clients, Data, Efficiency and Scalability) business strategy.

We have carried out a number of actions in line with our ESG Institutional Plan, which reaffirm our commitment to contributing to a more sustainable future, promoting conscious economic growth and the well-being of the communities in which we operate. These actions include:

  • Consolidation of our commercial strategy: Our commitment to strengthening our relationship with our clients has resulted in remarkable growth. Over the course of 2022, we recorded a 117% increase in our credit portfolio in the Middle Market segment, reaching a significant balance of R$1 billion. In addition, our client base in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) segment, which is strategic for the growth of our economy, increased by 248%

  • Advances in caring for Our People: We joined the group of 140 Brazilian companies with the best Human Resources practices, included in the "Incredible Places to Work Award" by the Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA). We reached our hiring target, with 50% of new positions filled by talented women. In addition, we took on new fronts related to diversity, in line with our commitment to increasing equality and respect for all people. Thus, we became master supporters of the LGBTI+ Business and Rights Forum and joined the ESG Racial Equity Pact.

  • New Social, Environmental and Climate Policy (PRSAC): In order to guide our activities in the social, environmental and climate spheres, in line with best market practices and new regulations, we have updated our PRSAC. This policy establishes comprehensive guidelines to ensure that our practices and the results of our operations are aligned with the principles of sustainability and integrated risk management.

  • Transparency of our emissions inventory: We received the GHG Protocol Gold Seal, the program's highest level of certification, resulting from the recognition of the publication of our first complete and audited Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions inventory, through the Public Registry of Emissions of the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program in 2022.

Access the Sustainability Report and learn more about our challenges, commitments, strategies, indicators, initiatives and results for 2022.


Environmental and Social Policy Framework

In accordance with current regulations, Banco Fibra values ethic with our clients, employees, stockholders and the community, especially regarding socio-environmental practices in businesses.

To this end, through a set of principles and guidelines of a social, environmental and climate nature, combined with integrated risk management, we have adopted a rigorous and effective strategic agenda to promote the sustainable and sustainable development of our business, as well as our relationship with customers and users, employees, suppliers and outsourced service providers, investors and other people impacted by the products, services, activities and processes we carry out.



Social, Environmental and Climate Risks and Opportunities Report (GRSAC)

Aligned with the Sustainability Report, as well as the PRSAC and the institutional positioning within the ESG framework, the Social, Environmental and Climate Risks and Opportunities Report (GRSAC) presents the principles, strategies and guidelines of a social, environmental and climate nature to be observed in the conduct of our business, activities and processes

Acesse os nossos Relatórios de Riscos e Oportunidades Sociais, Ambientais e Climáticas (GRSAC).

Relatório de Transparência e Igualdade Salarial de Mulheres e Homens – 1º Semestre 2024

O Fibra em cumprimento à obrigação prescrita na Lei n.º 14.611/2023, ao Decreto n.º 11.795/2023 e à Portaria MTE n.º 3.714/2023 e consubstanciado em seu compromisso com a transparência, equidade e justiça de gênero, publica o Relatório de Transparência Salarial e de Critérios Remuneratórios (“Relatório”). Click here e veja o relatório.

O Relatório, que fora elaborado pelo Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego (MTE), considerou a base de empregados de 31.12.2022 (E-Social), agrupando os dados de acordo com os grandes grupos da Classificação Brasileira de Ocupações (CBO) e que, portanto, não inclui em seus indicadores, critérios específicos como produtividade, mesma técnica ou exercício de funções diferentes, de forma que que a metodologia utilizada pode não refletir as dinâmicas mais atuais.

O “Jeito Fibra” de fazer negócios é essencialmente pautado nos compromissos ESG que se traduz concretamente em equipes diversas, oportunidades equânimes aos nossos colaboradores, não discriminação, refletindo, em nosso quadro de colaboradores, o contínuo aprimoramento de seus mecanismos de valorização do emprego, diversidade e inclusão. Para conhecer as nossas práticas e iniciativas voltadas à ampliação da diversidade e justiça de gênero, consulte o nosso Relatório de Sustentabilidade de 2022, Clicando aqui .

Os dados do Relatório estão anonimizados nos termos da Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais (“LGPD”).


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