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It’s for your
company’s growth.
And it’s now!

An agile, humanized and transparent
customer service for your business.

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Fraud Alert

Malicious people, identifying themselves as representatives of Banco Fibra, are offering personal loans through social networks, WhatsApp, and other means of communication. We clarify that we do not carry out operations by WhatsApp, phone or email for individuals.

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Solutions for your company and for you

We are aligned with your needs.


We develop tailor made solutions for your company with the agility and efficiency that you need on your daily businesses.


We understand agribusiness and we are prepared to serve you closely and with simplicity, so your production never stops.

Small and Medium Companies (PME) segments

With knowledge, service and precision, we bring fast and transparent answers to ensure your business is always evolving.

Individual Accounts

We take care of your money so you can invest more efficiently, safely and profitably.


Over 30 years of experience in financial services

Credit and Financing

Fibra has a complete range of credit products with exclusive rates and distinguished conditions to expand your company’s business.

Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain finance (SCF) aims to lower financing costs and improve business efficiency for buyers and sellers linked in a sales transaction.

Capital Markets

We offer our clients advisory services in raising funds from investors

Derivatives/ Hedge

Derivative transactions may reduce risks for companies exposed to the fluctuation of prices, indexes and rates in their businesses.

FX Transactions

We provide exchange transactions of foreign and national currencies to your company whenever you need to receive or send resources abroad.


Contact us

+55 11 3847 4609 / +55 11 3847 6992

From 10h to 17h (GMT - 3:00), from Monday to Friday - except local holidays

(11) 94221-9075

From 09h to 18h (GMT – 3:00), from Monday to Friday – except local holidays